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I learned...but when the test came I flunked

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Thank you for all the help I have received on this site. I have only had one relationship and the ex has been haunting me for quite some time once the relationship was over. I always wanted to go back because I felt comfortable, and created a whole new world in my head that we were right and meant for each other. If two people are meant to be together its because they both want it...it takes two to tango.


Since May of 05, my head has been getting played with. My ex would confess love for me, and never follow through. I then fell off the face of the earth to connect my life back together. I hadnt spoken to my ex since Sept. and last week Dec. 3 My ex IM'd me, and I didnt stand my ground. Instead of ignoring it, I went more towards it in hope the words I was hearing were true.


Well they werent and I realized I shouldve left this where I put it. I am happy that I am not suffering like i used to (crying, etc). I simply just said "what a waste of time, its over, now to continue where i left off"


So to everyone, follow your heart and think before you act.

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