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I'm 15 years old and there is a girl that I have known since the 4th grade. Im now going into the 10 grade now. I have wanted to ask her out but I don't know what to say what to do or when to ask her out. I was thinking ask her when no one is around and she is having fun. I don't know if that is a good idea. I have asked her out before but she couldn't because she had a boyfriend. Also when I asked her out I was not with her. (I was on the other side of town picking up my grandpa's medication for him.)


But just a few weeks ago up at my families lake cabin and I was going to ask her out but I didn't. (Explained in my other post "Need Help With Relationship") About a week after the lake cabin though she got a boyfriend acording to one of my friend anyway. But when she dumps him (which has a good possibility of happening) I will get it all right and then I will ask her out.


I also would like to know some secrets to keeping a good relationship going for a long time.


PLEASE HELP!!!!!! (I usually have my ICQ and AIM on at night around 11 p.m Pacific Time) Help

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I know exactly where you are coming from, but here is what you need to do and this has worked before when I told my own friends to do it.


when she no longer has a guy in her life, walk up to her like you are the ladies man whom posesses the superior whang and say "As morning hues of sunswept fire caress your passionate face. Alone with thee pure desire to worship a cup of grace. My soul would cry in silent prayer for hours swept apart, Your essance warms the evening air as a dance into my heart."


If you don't like that little tidbit of poetry from Shakespere then clean it up as needed and present it to her through a thought.


"A flower a day to keep the female at bay."

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Hey Spencer, Happy here. Ah, i do remember times like that. First of all i wanna say i'm glad that u did ask her out, a lotta times, makin the first move is always the harder one and rejection is even harder. I had 2 ask out my current gf twice b4 being happily 2getha.


Another thing i'd like 2 point out is that when she leaves her bf (who knos, she might neva do it) but i don't wanna make u loose faith and the chances are wif you. Don't ask her out 2 soon, give it a month or so. U don't wanna become the rebound guy and plus, she might need some time to get over him.


O yea, think about it this way. If a relationship ain't meant 2 work, do try and try as hard as u can. There's no real tips for having a long relationship except for fight every challenge along the way and never give up. When it eventually or if it does not work it, just think about it this way, u gave it a go and it just wasn't meant 2 b, and if is, it still will. I kno it's a pretty lazy perspective but it works.




Happy Heb

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i'm 13 and i've asked out about well i dont feel like countin right now. really u just gotta go for it and be ready for rejection. if u expect it it doesnt hurt as much but it makes a "yes" that much better. really just keep on tryin. if u love this girl and really care for her then u will just ask her until u get a defite unshakeable no or better yet a yes. it might make u look stupid but again if u care for her enough u wont care as long as u understand what shes decided. (confused? i kinda got lost somewhere in there myself) good luck.

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