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Jackin' it in a BAD way

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People, is something wrong with me because I have aqquiared a taste for harder porn, normal porno doesn't do it for me anymore I like to beat off to beastiality and old grandma porn while I strangle myself with a belt, just wondering is it OK? ( have a 40GB hard drive and and 24GB is all hard porn so far)




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lol hugs and kisses, u gonna get told off 4 that. I'm sure u didn't mean it so offensively but ppl do get the wrong idea, it happened 2 me b4 and some moderator ppl went pretty spastic about it.


It might take a while but for the ppl around, i'd b real cool if u can open ur mind 2 things, it's pretty easy, if u don't wanna kno, don't reply 2 it and try not 2 put ppl down. They just want help.




O yea and rick, once again, welcome 2 enotalone. Don't be put off by ppls posts, these questions occur all the time and honestly, i made the same mistake 2 xoxox the first time, i told the person i didn't wanna kno but i was so wrong for doin that.


Anyway, i wanna make it up 2 enotalone this time and throughout the posts i've kinda changed my opinions on a lotta things thruout the time i've been here.


Rick, there's nothing wrong with ur masterbation nor craving for porn as long as it is not affecting ur life. If u can live a normal live wifout the constant urge of masterbating and adjustin ur lifestyle for masterbation then it's all good. Masterbate all u want 2 coz one day, i'm sure u won't wanna do it as much.


I kinda used 2 b like u except i only had 10G. At times during my teenage years i masterbated up 2 10 times a day (rarely tho) and u just had 2 regularly update ur porn. I mean don't think that one day when u have sex u'll get bored of it soon coz it's constantly changing porn ain't, u dl one file of porn, it'll always remain the same and that's probably when u wanna get more and more coz u probably got bored.


Hope that helped


Happpy Heb

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