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Sports drinks... why the mass marketing?

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Sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade, which replenish electrolites and have other benefits for athletes who do intensive, endurance-lengthed work outs or exercises, for years now have been marketed to the average American.


The problem with that is, it is not designed for someone who is not physically active all the time and is not training vigorously. Water works perfectly fine if you're lifting weights or jogging for a regular amount of time... say for 25-35 minutes. But when you really start putting stress on your body and are expending high amounts of energy and water (through sweat), then water may not be enough. This is where sports drinks come in, because they provide the essential vitamins that your body needs to sustain itself when you put yourself through that much stress.


Otherwise, if you are not exercising, it is just a very sugary drink that can lead to malnutrition.


Just a bit of information, that's all. Feel free to post your own thoughts on all this.

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Buy Gatorade: Get Healthy.


It's sorta the same thing as when folks buy bottled water. Biggest cash grab in ages, it just makes me cringe to see it.


People are lazy. This is a quick way to feel better about oneself and the burger you scarfed for lunch.


"I'll have the triple cheese dog and fries, and some cheesecake, with a Diet Coke"

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Nobody has *time* in this world any longer, everyone wants a quick fix...that's how a lot of people are now. Being someone who normally does lift and run though...I just recently got promoted, and I'm putting in so many hours between two jobs and schooll...now I understand why some people want it though. I get home from work too late, and I'm way too exhausted to even try and lift...I haven't in the past 2 months and I hate it...just a little info too, of course school ends for the quarter...and I get sick from being so worn out...still can't lift to try and gain the weight I've lost.

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When I was an active road cyclist, I tried all sorts of magic potions and returned to water to avoid the nauseating flavors and sodium levels of sports drinks, and actually felt better on a century ride with water.

I would sometimes add 10% OJ or for variety.


Barnum was smart.

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why the mass marketing?


To get massive amounts of people to buy it.


They're a company trying to make money - not a company trying to make a health drink for athletes....


Of course, that's corporate America.


I asked the question out of ethical concerns, not because I didn't know what was up.

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