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I need motivation!!!!

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How can I get back into exercising!! I went strong for several years walking for exercise. I lost alittle over 40 pounds and felt great. Then this year I took a nose dive. Events in my family kinda took over my emotions and motivations. Now since things are better I can't seem to get back into it. I'm 45 and need to get back into feelin good. How can I do it and not just say I'm going to? HELP!!

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Perhaps you can sign up at a health club or gym in your area and work with a trainer. Sometimes having someone to help you through it makes things easier. Or take an aerobics class where there are lots of other people doing it. If you have a buddy or friend that is into exercising, see if you can join him/her in getting you inspired. Workout buddies are another great way to boost your interest in working out.


I also find that working out or exercising without music in the background makes things really boring. Something with a strong pulse, like techno.

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Do you listen to music when you exercise or enjoy music? I have found that listening to my IPod has made working out much more enioyable and less work. I often forget that I am working out and don't want to end my sessions because I want to keep listening. Especially with the free podcast content on Apple Itunes you can download "Nightline" and other tv programs to listen to.


Just an idea for you. Other than that I can understand where you are coming from. It is hard to get myself to the gym, but once I am there I feel so much better and happy afterwards.

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If you have a treadmill listening to music is a great option. Or what's even better is whenever you're going to sit down and watch t.v./movies get on the treadmill. Stay on that thing until you're done watching. I did that a while back and man were my legs in great shape.


O... don't forget to keep some water handy... you'll probably get quite dehydrated while running/walking, but don't stop.

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I'm 54 and just rediscovered the joy of putting on my sneakers and walking out the front door and walking until my dogs bark. I like walking in hills, and just recently cleaned up my road cycle to get some air, scenery and fun.


I hate indoor exercise, and treadmills and resistance trainers bore me to tears.

Meeting dogs, watching the sky and smelling trees and grass make it fun.


Okay, I admit living in eternal summer, but cross-country skis are cheap.

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