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maybe its a crush , but i want to get rid of it FAST !!


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i know that subject line musnt have made much sense , so heres the deal....


Well , its been over a month now. There were these irish girls who had come down and i came to know them somehow. We had coffee , went to the movies and stuff , just a couple of times. They were here not for too long. So , anyway , out of those two , i think i like one of them.

They're both elder to me by two years .. (not a prob.)

The deal is that , i just want to be a close friend of hers , coz i know that having a relation is out of the question mainly because we're from two entirely different countries !! The only way we can keep in touch is thru email... which we kind of do. But my prob is that , sometimes i cant stop thinking of her mails ... you know stuff like... if she has replied to my mail or not...... has her mail arrived etc etc. Whats worse is , its coming in the way of my work.... sometimes i just digress to these petty issues. I dont think im in love , but i beginning to think its a crush , and i want to get over with it REALLY FAST.


Any suggesstions ?

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WOW do I ever COMPLETELY know how you feel! These crushes are crippling hey?


There's a guy I was somewhat involved with, moved away and now, almost three weeks since I've last seen him, I still can't completely get him out of my head!


My advice? Go out, meet new people, even if you don't meet someone 'new'. It distracts you and reminds you that there's a big world out there, with lots of wicked people.


Hope it helps, let us know how your doing!

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Hope that this will help you.


Keep in contact with these girls and get a girlfriend so that you might forget having that (those) girl(s) as girlfriend(s). Or just stop thinking about having them as a girlfriend and think about something else like keeping these girls as friends.


I hope this will help you.



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i am in the ABSOLUTE same boat, our situations are IDENTICAL! almost scary.. i myself met a guy just over a month ago, on a beach vacation.. i hung out iwht him and his friend and found myself attracted to him, until one day he kissed me and it sealed the deal.. although we KINDa keep in touch, we live thousand miles apart... i cant get over thinking about him 24/7!!


as far as advice.. im not sure ive been lookin for it myself.. im beginning to believe the only thing to do is let time fade the ache i have.. you should try the same.. sry for not being that helpful but im glad this unusual situation is shared by u and I

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