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i met the man of my dreams a month ago, and from the moment we saw each other we both knew something amazing was happening. it was like the world stopped, and honestly i have never really been a believer in that love at first sight stuff. but when we spoke to eahc other it was as if fate had brought us together. he fulfilled everything i ever wanted in a man, and he told me that i was everything and more of a woman he thought he would ever meet.


we have spent the past month having the most amazing time ever. spending everyday together movies, restaurants partying, chilling. amazing. there has only been one hiccup. he KEPT mentioning his ex girlfriend like everyday, in the context of what a she is. they broke up after 5 yrs, only six months ago. its still on his mind - and on hers because she calls and messages him. it was beginning to bother me so i said something to him. three days later (two days ago) he held me closely and then told me that he loved me but that he would have to break up with me. i was shocked and started to cry. after ahalf hour i left his place and came home. he called me a few hours later. i didnt answer. but texted him a shrt and sweet message sayin i hope he is ok and would speak to him soon. then i never clled him back. the next day he called me again. i didnt answer. he texted to ask if i wanted to chill, maybe go for coffee. i said i had plans but that i hope things are good.


that was abt a day and a half ago. feels like a millennium cuz i miss him sooo bad.

he hasnt called me, and i havent called him. i miss him like crazy.


what should i do. he is the one who dumped me so i cant call him. i too have my pride. but at the same time, i know i never want to love anyone else but him. hellllp!

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Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like there was enough time between his other relationship and the beginning of his with you. He may have said bad things about her--and perhaps they may be true to some extent--but he still had feelings for her and they had quite a lengthy relationship. Having been in this situation before, I would be very wary of a guy (or gal) that talks bad about their ex. It's sometimes a sign that they are still really bothered by them and wont be completely free for a new relationship.

I know this hurts and it's going to take some time to get through. If he gets back with her, it may or may not work out...and he may be knocking on your door again. You can wait to see what happens, but a better use of your time is to take care of yourself and your needs, and perhaps meeting someone who is completely open to a new relationship and is not still carrying around baggage.

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