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Ok, so we officially broke up on Wednesday. But, this isn't a typical breakup. We vowed that we would be back together soon, but we just needed some time apart to get our heads straight.


Since then, I've been devistated. We still talk, we still see eachother, and we still hang out from time to time. She's told me countless times that she's not going to try and find another relationship; I believe her, but lately it seems like she is sending "mixed signals". She has been talking an awful lot to some new guys (wether or not they were friends before, I don't know). She tells me NUMEROUS times that she still loves me, and that we'll be back together soon. I believe her. I still love her, and I said i'm willing to give her all the space and time she needs to clear her mind.


What do I do? I've been so depressed over the past few days... I don't even know what to do with myself. I don't want to keep asking her "how long?" and just pushing her further and further from me...


P.S., we broke up because we had spent basically every day of the past 2 months together. I basically severed her ties with her friends, not on purpose but subconsciously.


What should I do? I'm still waiting, should I just wait more?

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