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My best friend kissed me....

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Right, I'm confused...out last night with one of my best girlfriends dancing on the dancefloor (bit drunk) and she just kisses me, with tongues and everything. I kissed her back and then laughed "oh my god, you just kissed me!!" and she laughed. I'm feeling confused cos i'm totally straight but this really excited me for some reason. Even thinking about it now turns me on....


a) why did she kiss me?

b) why i am turned on?

c) Could i be bisexual?

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well you were at a club im guessing?? if you were drunk or if your friend was so was probably just in the moment type of deal.. thats the only reason i could think of, of why she kissed you. just becasue you kissed a girl doesnt mean your bisexual. i was sexual with a girl a few times before and yes i was turned on but i dont consider myself bisexual.

Ask your self this question.. do you feel the same way sexual about a man and get turned on the same way when you see a women. if you do you might be bi.. but no one else can tell you your bi, execpt your self.

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2 of my friends (both with long term boyfriends) are forever kissing each other when we go out! They do it as a show thing really, to grab guys attention! They both say their straight and their boyfriends love it!


oooh i just read galaxy71's post haha! Yeah i reckon she did it to grab some attention, ask her! she's your friend dont be embarrased to bring it up. Alcohol makes us do some silly things hey!

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Maybe you just thought you were straight? Don't sound so straight to me. That's not a criticism. It's just an unbiased observation based on the fact that you get turned on thinking about it. You may have been drunk then, but you're sober now and still getting turned on thinking about it. Does that sound straight to anyone?


FYI - If you are bi and you don't want to be bi because of family, social, or religious reasons, then I see no reason why you can't just indulge your straight half and ignore the other half. On the other hand, if you have no serious objections to being bi, then why not just admit it to yourself?

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