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what is wrong with me

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well here i am again...


i was fine totally ok..life was good..had a new bf.lol and at my age too.


now it feels like im back to square one all over again,the boyfriend think didnt last 7wks to be exact.

so why even though i didnt love him , does it hurt ok not as bad and no where near anything like the last pain.


i just feel at this moment in my life i am meant to be alone,just didnt think it meant all the time..


used to look forward to xmas i cant wait till it over this year,


i look at myself and wonder whats wrong with me.surely i dont just pick idiots


i was doing so well and now this feels like a set back..


wish i could hibinate till next year..

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This is very normal; when we are recovering from grieving, each new disappointment will re-awaken "echoes" of other, older griefs. It is actually an opportunity to advance further in your healing. Just take it easy on yourself, let yourself feel the sadness and the anger and frustration, and move forward at your own pace. Before long you will once again be happy and fine.

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