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For you folks out there, I appreciated all the help and support you gave me but there is one person that saved my sanity and self respect....that is Blender......whoever she/ he his?


I've read all posts and threads by Blender and all I got to say is " thank you"


No disrespect to the others, you were very helpfull...


I'll continue to read and appreciate your advice Blender......keep up the good work......you can't image the help your causing people and especially myself..


Hats off




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yup bends [whatever true gender b is - lol] always makes comments in just the right way. there have been a few others like E20008, Mels, DG - honestly - most posters have at least contributed something worthwhile and if u think about it - people are here for a reason - this is people helping people. not to offend anyone, but if i was in a relationship right now i would not be blabbing on this site - but this site has helped me get to that point where i am more knowledgeable and able to complete things i needed - and that is what its really all about in my humble 2 cent opinion


i always jump between here and da luvshack site [such openness and honesty from one man! lol]

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