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Is she into me or am i dellusional??? Please HELP ladies especially!!!

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So i have known this girl Sarah as nothing much more than an aquantance up until two weeks ago. She had a bf for about 5 months who she lived with and they broke up about 2 months ago and i had a gf of 3 years and we broke up about the same amount of time ago. i saw her at a party and we talked a little bit and whatnot then i ended up seein her again the next weekend and she had tickets to a bball game and no one to go with so i said why dont i go with you and we ended up going and having a great time and then meetin up with some friends at a party and kinda hangin out with eachother most the night and dancing/grinding kinda feelin each other up and stuff and then when she left she pecked me on the lips. This was a week ago and since then we have talked on the phone or in text every night.


The next night we hung out again and did the same thing partyin and drinkin grindin on each other and went to eat and stuff even held hands and walked to the resturaunt and have held hands on a couple other occasions. and when i took her home real late that night she said i would get a good night kiss if i played a little game driving home so i went along with it and played(it was a game i was guarenteed to win but somehow didnt) but ne ways when i get to her house it just came natural and we both leaned in and started makin out for like 5 minutes ne ways after that we kept talkin and a few days later went to the mall and to lunch.


I really like this girl and we have soo much in common and our convo's are always fun and there is never a dull moment but sometimes i wonder how she feels about me cause she will say she will call and then wont or sometimes act not quite as interested as others. for example last time i came to pick her up she came to the door in her bra and then ran upstairs after she opened it obviously just to tease me cause she totally could have thrown on a shirt but then later that night she says she will call and doesnt. We seem to have good chemistry and she shows excellent body language and initiates alot of the calls and texts.


Then today i see that she had messaged her ex saying we should hang out before i leave. she was going out of town monday. What am i supposed to think about this. Me and this girl have not ever talked about dating eachother or ne thing but i thought she liked me and i really liked her but then sometimes she wont call when she says she will and then with this message i saw i just dont know.



Does this girl not like me? is she confused? what is her deal its driving me crazy! any girls opinions would be very helpful

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I don't know, she might be confused or she might just forget to call you back. Maybe she hasn't quite gotten over her ex yet, or maybe she has and is just friends with him. She certainly seems like she likes you, but I guess the only way you can know for certain is if you talk to her about it. How many of these 'dates' have you gone on?

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My women friends have told me that all men are delusional to some extent. They say the difference per guy is just the extent. I know they're teasing me somewhat, but they're also partly serious.


Since you are a man, you probably are at least somewhat delusional. Regardless of whether you are delusional or not, she might like you, or not. I don't know.

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