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Ugly man but good in bed…

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"ugly" and "handsome" tend to be rather subjective in my experiences. I have been in relationships with men of various "looks", and I can say that whatever their appearance to others, I was attracted to them.


I would pick the person I was attracted to, and had chemistry with on all levels including sexually. Which may be totally different than what someone else would find in them. If I was not attracted to them on all levels would not matter how good they were in bed, and if I was attracted to them on all levels....bed might be something we could work on if they just were inexperienced (if they were lazy and selfish that is another matter!).

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What's a guy doing in here... umm I just thought I'd answer in general anyways.


I agree with Ash and apple. It is subjective. If you 2 are in love, everything just seems beautiful. There are people that will find someone ugly, and then there is someone that will find the same person beautiful.


I define ugly not physically, but through someones personality. Take the hottest hunk or girl in your mind, and then visualize this person cussing everyday, being overly needy, pessimistic, selfish, only loves you for sex or money, or any other damaging trait. Now that's fugly.


I don't believe someone can be that bad in bed because you can always play teacher. Sex is the least of my worries

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Hottest guy I ever went out with was really ugly, objectively. I was in love, and just thought he was amazing looking; his oddness was so sexy to me. So I don't think I rate 'handsomeness' that much. If you're attracted to someone, you can find them incredibly attractive.


And also - I find conventionally handsome can be very bland. It's about charisma and making you laugh, possibly shocking you, and being someone you are drawn to.

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either way, you're still going to lose what you got. you marry him, he'll one day age and his appearance will change (as with everyone) . . . on the flip side, when he gets older, he'll become impotent. wait, there's always viagra!


i can't choose because my #1 standard is that he treats me with respect.


Jeez, that's pessimistic. I guess if you love them, they will still seem as attractive as when they were young. Viagra would help, I'm sure.

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Of course it's subjective! That's the fun of it. Come on! Don't ruin it with your morals and politeness.


The question was asked of YOU. So, use your subjectivity and answer the question accordingly - in the name of fun....


I would pick the one who is better looking because it would be easier for me to put forth the effort into helping him get better...


...call me shallow, I don't care.

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Assuming that both of them had amazing personalities, treated me like a princess, and it all boiled down to their looks and ability in bed...I'd go for the better looking one. I have a low libido and sex just isn't that important to me, so we wouldn't be doing it much anyway.


As long as he could cuddle, of course. That's a must.

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