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It's my birthday... He called

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After 9 weeks of NC, and 10 weeks since the breakup, the ex finally called to wish me a happy birthday. He told me he was doing ok and then started to say something else. I couldn't understand, so I asked him to repeat it. He tried but couldn't because he started to get choked up to the point he started to cry a little bit. I abruptly ended the conversation asking him to please stop because I am at work, thanked him for the call, and then hung up.


About an hour or so later, I received an email from him. He apologized for the call, wished me a happy birthday, told me I am the most wonderful woman he will ever meet, and he realizes how fortunate he was to have met me. I did reply with a thank you, no more than that.


This man left me to chase after a younger woman who lives in another state. Why is he torturing me?

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I have already forgiven him. I don't think I could ever trust him again. He lied to me. I had to find out by snooping about the other woman.


Well, if that is the case, then I think you handled it perfectly. He has emotions and so do you. Over time, you'll both heal and maybe you can be friends or something, or just move on with your lives.


I hope he learns from what happened.

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