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My girlfriend just broke up with me...

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Well, I don't know what to say. I'm still kind of stunned and dazed about the whole situation


I was coming back from college today because my birthday is tomorrow and we were planning on eating lunch today. So i picked her up and I could tell she was in a bad mood. I ask her about it and she shrugs the question off, so this kind of irritates me because lately, she has been a huge drama queen. I took her up to a cabin with my brother, his g/f, and a few of his friends... I was pretty much nagging her to have fun, she always had a pissed look on her face and I had to talk her into going out and having fun everytime.


Anyways, she ends up telling me that she is upset because when she came into my car, she thought I was acting weird or pissed at her, because i gave her this, "Look"


I end up taking her out starting to ask her what she means and why she is in such a bad mood. She keeps giving me bogus answers like, "Iunno, you're the one acting weird." Which is making me more upset, because I was the one who drove back from college to go out to eat lunch with her, why would I not want to be there if i took all this time to get there?


This continue's and I'm at the end of the rope and tell her I'm dropping her back off. I could tell this made her more upset but at the time... I couldn't take anymore of these childish games. I dropped her off and when she was getting out she broke up with me.


Well over a year and a half gone.


I'm not sure why I'm writing this, most likely to vent and tell my great birthday story...

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Oh wow, I'm so sorry Norway.

But honestly (I hope you don't mind me saying this) she sounded like a drag. You had to nag her to have fun, you said she was a drama queen & you were at the end of your rope with the childish games. Do you think this was for the best? How do you feel about it?

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Hey norway.


I am so sorry about your break up and I hope you have a great birthday inspite of what has happened.


I believe this is for the best, her actions were childish and immature. Instead of being an adult and talking to you about her feelings, such acted like a child. And tried to pin this on you no less, could not even take responsibilty to what she has added to the issue.


Hang in there and try to have fun.

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yay im 19 ^_^


Update: She began calling/texting trying to take it all back...


it was hard to deny her from coming over, I still love her.


we talked a bit over the phone and she finally told me what was bothering her. I'm not going to get into details about this, but the fact is she could have told me about a week ago about this incident, but she didn't.


She never cares to tell me what is bothering her and it kills me when i see her fall.


I'm not sure if I can be strong enough and cave into her plea's again.

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