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I am so hurt and so disappointed. Will I ever get over this?

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My bf and I broke up a month ago. We really cared for each. He treated me good and so nice. I treated him good too. We started to argue a lot because he was very close to his ex (went out 13 yrs ago) and lives with her and her sis/bro. I couldnt handle it. so i became jealous n had insecurites.

We were in contact on and off. Few days ago, It happened. I didnt expect him to be like this and I try to understand. He planned on sleeping with me. He said he was sorry that he was horny and pled temp insanity or what not. I cant believe he would do that.


I am so hurt and disappointed. I wanted to remain in good terms but now its messed up. How am i ever going to over come this? I gave him my all i treated him with soo good care and now I feel nothing. I feel as I lost hope in myself. I dont know what to do.

I told him im not gona talk for awhile and said bye. he said he care for me and wants me to be safe and call him for emergencies.


what did i do to deserve this? its my fault i kept in contact with him . so now i am stopping all contacts with him. i cant deal with him anymore.


he said he is over me completely. how can someone get over someone so fast and he isnt seeing anyone too........its been only a month and hes already over? i guess i didnt mean anything to him . gosh, i just hate him soo much now.


I dont know wat to do. Im so hurt now.

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Ok, this is what happen. sorry i wasnt clear. Im a bit emotional now.


we were chatting me and my ex. (this has nothing to do with his ex)

we were like talking about random stuff . friendly convo u know.. and then he started to flirt with me and i did too. i didnt take it seriously u know cus i know he was playing around. so anyways, convo got too deep. he said, he wanted to come over and pin me down and for me to take him to the candy shop or what not.. and then he said he got paid and he wants to take me out to dinner..i mean come one..and i said sure but im not gonna do anyting with u.......so i told him upfront. so anyways that night i had to go pick up my car at the bodyshop and he said we'l see maybe this saturday if he isnt doing anything with his buddie. i said, we'l talk about it more later.


so yesterday morning, i had to ask and he was honest he was planning on sleeping with me. he said he was sorry and that he was horny. i am so hurt by it now. i dont know what to do.


so anyways, i told him im not gonna talk to him for awhile because i dotn wanna go through this cycle again.

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If you are the same women who has been complaining about her boyfriend livng with his ex for months now, you are definitely better off without him.

He isn't over you totally yet. He just said that. He has been disrespectful of you the whole relationship it seems. If he wanted to progress in his relationship with you he would have moved out of his ex's place and lived on his own. A place you could feel comfortable in. You were not his first priority. You can find a guy who wants to make you his first priority.

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you are totally right! i agree with u too. guess in his situation he couldnt move out cus he didn have money or what not. but yeah even though he treated me good and stuff.....situation itself was not meant for me to handle. i am glad i am out of it too. yeah i wasnt his first priority. but anyways, things happen for a reason and now i can finally move on with my life without him . sad to say but i really wanted to remain in good terms wit him so i can be friends later or so. but now, i dont see that happening. maybe after awhile i am cool down i will feel differently but who knows. now, i know is that im gonna move on with my life. i dont need this crap and drama. i know i am a good person. treat ppl nice and how i want to be treated. i might not be the smartest or prettiest girl but i know i am a good person. i will never do anything bad to anyone or change. but i will change for myself only to be a better person and learn from my mistakes.



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Damn girl!!!! I love your attitude.

You know yourself, your beauty & you know what's good for you!!!

You are very right, you didn't need that crap or drama. There is someone far more suited for you, someone who will make you thier priority & love you the way you've always wanted & dreserve, love you for you!

I wish you the best & a life time of happiness**


You'll be okay in no time.

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awww thanks flower!! that is so sweet of u! i know i will find someone who will love me and put me first not second. when i was in that relationship i felt like i was being 2nd best.. just the vibe i got. he did treated me good and i appreciate that..but i dont know after wat happen 2 days when he was horny and wanted to sleep with me.. i mean i understand hes a guy n he needs it but i was very disappointed in him for planning it and stuff. wow huh! at least he was honest with me . but anyways now, im not going to talk to him. ill move on now

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K - I just want to point out that these phases seem to be normal to me!


I'm proud of you for asking him that. You have had the opportunity to meet up with him a few times and you haven't. You are strong.


I know it's not easy but you are doing the right thing. And I want to point out that yes, you two split about a month ago. But I think it's completely normal for that to not "click" right away. Of course after being with someone for so long, your mind is still wondering, is this real?, we will get back together... His actions continuously make it even more real. This is like a realization period for you. It's going to hurt for awhile....


I'm proud of you! Hugs~

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hehe thanks yeah i thought about us getting back but then again with the situation it makes me not feel good of getting back u know? but now , i know what i need to do. i'll be strong and stop talkng to him.. If he tries to contact me i will simply have to say in a nice way i am not ready to talk yet.

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.but i dont know after wat happen 2 days when he was horny and wanted to sleep with me.. i mean i understand hes a guy n he needs it but i was very disappointed in him for planning it and stuff. wow huh! at least he was honest with me . but anyways now, im not going to talk to him. ill move on now


So true, it is disappointing when they are planning to sleep with you..just cause they are horny...it hurts, cheapens you, makes you feel things you didn't want to feel, especailly not from him. But yeah, the honesty was good, helped you see things.

Well No contact is difinetly the route now. Stay strong...it will get easier. You're doing the right thing , I admire that.

I wish you the best.

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Sometimes guys express their regret and the fact that they miss you in flowers, or poems. And sometimes they do something stupid, like this. He definitely doesn't want to be with you, not in the way you need him to, so he's going to have to sort himself out, and you look after your needs first.


Take care, hon.

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