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please need advice..just talked to my ex to meet thurs. HELP

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if u read my last posts you will know the story..so i called her and she asked me abou tmy new job and all...i asked what her plans were for the week and she said that she was free and so did i..i asked her out for thurs. to get a drink...she said ok do u want to meet somewhere...i said well i can pick u up at your apartment or we can meet up. she said ok why dont you come here and then we can go out..is that good she wants me to pick her up?? then i said i was looking forward to seeing her and she said she was too..about 30min after the conversation i saw her online and we talked small talk and she wanted to see a pic of me that i sent her earlier that she never got so i resent it. and i told her i was excited to see her.and she said yeah it should be nice..is that good...?? well she has this friend johnny who is 55..he is so cool like a father figure to her..and her best friend is marybeth. well i asked her if she told them i said hi. she no i forgot but i told them i was seeing you this week..i was like what did they say and she said no reaction really...then she said they like u a lot..so the two most important people in her life like me and she went out of her way to tell me that....please help

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First of all, you need to learn how to form sentences and paragraphs. You tend to run on and on without stopping. Seems to me like you need to settle down and think about things, you are rushing and reading into this too much.


Just because she agreed to have a drink with you doesnt mean anything really except to be friendly. I wouldnt be expecting anything except for a possible friendship.

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