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Not sure how to work things out!

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Hey guys I recently got back together with my ex after 6 months apart. He had been seeing someone for 3 months, we met up were still in love and he finished with the girl a day later.


I live an hour away by plane (Im an air hostess so get cheap travel) so that wouldn't really have been that much of a problem. The reason he was so wary about gong back is that he didn't want a stressful realtionship, but when he came down I was working with an hour sleep each night and was very unlike myself, down and overtired. I ended upsnapping at him quite dramatically in the cinema because he had made us late and he has been distant ever since. It was very like the over the top uncontrolled behaviour I displayed before. He says that he loves me but he thinks it is just going to back to the way it was and that we can't get on and that he doesn't want to get hurt by carrying on and having to end it. I feel that we have got off to a very bad start. I was so happy in my new job and things but at the time we got back together I wasn't enjoying my work and felt unhappy but I realise this was just a blip and it always happens when you've got the pressure of not knowing anyone and living in a new place. I also had the pressure of him coming to stay with my family when I knew they had negative opinions of him.


We;re going to talk next week, I don't want to lose him again so I would appreciate some advice on how to deal with communiacting with him because this will be it if it doesn't go well! hugs xx

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Hey Nikki,


Is this the same guy you wrote about back in June?


"Don't really know if the good times did outweigh the bad. His mother was mentally ill when he was growing up and has had quite a hard life, our arguments got very out of control and on a few occasions he did things like hold me against a wall and restraining me and have had a lot of bruises on my arms from where he's been shouting and holding me in place. Also started hyperventilating when he grabbed my neck and was screaming in my face when he found som,e photos from when I was travelling, that were innocent."



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