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Fawd this sucks, I know right now in my heart that there is little chance no matter what all her friends keep tellin me and every1 that knows the pair of us that its over and chances are it just aint happening we aint getting back to gether. My head just srewed up again. I have to move on but i cant seem to accept this at times.


I keep tryin to give her her space. enter no contact for not just me but for her aswell. its what the pair of us need. Not just me. but i cant find the strenght not to break it day in day out. the desire to get in touch fills me so strong i know its doing me more harm than good but i cant stop myself breakin it. I cant keep myself desracted enough not to think about her.


Went out with a mate last night. was good all of it until about 2:30 am. Thats when i looked at my phone saw the time.. And Our song came on in the club at just that moment. it was the point in time where a year ago right then i was sat in a Taxi back from town.. After our works xmas do. After she asked me for my number.. After i saw her to a taxi and got in 1 myself to go home.. It was the time that she was textin me for the first time while before going to bed. At that very moment. All the emotions hit me and are still here now. All i can think about is how much i miss her, And want to win her back. I dont know what to do with myself any more i lost my strength its all gone every ounce of it. I know i intend to Go full no contact for atleast a month but i cant find it in me to do it.. i keep tellin me to do it. not to get in touch not to talk to her. But EVERY time i initiate it i break it.

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You just keep on slamming your hands backwards in a cactus. Everytime you cling onto her, everytime you think of her, you are only putting your life where it doesn't belong.


You need to bring the power of your life back where it belongs, namely in your hands. The problem is this. You should never have gone into a relationship expecting things to work out just because it concerns your case. Reality is that a woman can pack her bags and leave anyday.


What you should do now, is pick up the pieces of your heart, give yourself time to heal, and move on when your ready.

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