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My brother met his girlfriend at a similar age and their relationship lasted 5 years. People were initially concerned because she was underage. If you wait until she is 16 before you embark on a sexual relationship and prove to her parents that you genuinly care for her then you will be fine.


Enjoy it and look after each other : )

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2 ish years is very common at your age - when i was 15 my boyfriend was 17 - we were together for 2.5 years - it wasnt a problem - infact nearly all my friends then went out with guys 2 years older. It might seem a lot now simply because of school years and the segregation between them - i'd say you'd get a bit of teasing if it were the other way round but since its not, no worries!


You dont say where you live but in england as you can go out drinking and clubbing at 18, unless the younger girl looks old enough to get away with it there can be problems because each person wants to do different things.


Other than that, if you feel happy, you feel your maturity levels, ideas about sex etc match, then i wouldnt let this bother you at all

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