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Why can't he see that I need him to need me

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I really don't understand my bf. I know that he works every day and all that and he's busy blah blah blah. But is it so hard for him to take a few minutes to text me after he's done work? I really don't think it'll hurt his finger that much to text to ask me how my day was. And we had a long talk two nights ago, cus I told him that when this one guy is around, I get confused about us. Because I had to choose between my bf and this other guy, about 7 months ago. I told him that sometimes I wonder if I made the right choice. I'm scared cus I don't want to lose my bf but I just feel neglected sometimes. He says he tries but it doesn't really seem like that.


My bf is a really sweet guy when he tries to be, but he doesn't understand that I need to have some sort of connection with him, I need him to need me, I want him to want me. It's not like I see him all the time, I only see him during the weekend and you can't say that's asking too much. He told me that he looks forward to seeing me on the weekend and I believe him but why can't he just try a little harder to make me happy. I'm on msn with the other guy right (we were really good friends before I chose my current bf instead of him). I'm having a tough time here, I was just looking for some feedback, me and bf have been together for 7 months, haven't said I love yous yet, I thought I felt it but now I'm not so sure...


Thanks guys,


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If a woman told be she's confused about her feelings for me when she's around another guy, she'd be instantly free to date that other guy all she wanted. That sends a clear signal that you don't really want or need him, yet you want him to cave to your wishes.

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I told him that sometimes I wonder if I made the right choice.

I agree with Dako here, why did you tell him that? That's just about the best way I can think of to stop him telling you he loves you! Not only have you insulted him but you've also made him afraid to say he loves you in case it's not reciprocated! You should be glad he's still with you, I'd say the ball's in your court to put things right...

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