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I'm having a problem asking out a girl I like. I don't know what it is, but there is just something about her that makes her keep popping into my head. My problem is that I have very limited contact with her, only one period a day during school. I've talked to her a few times, and she's really nice, if a little overly-enthusiastic at times, but thats beside the point. Other than that one class we don't see eachother the rest of the day. During class she's usually talking to a guy who sits besider her who she is in sports with(I know they aren't involved because he has a girlfriend, and she told me she didn't have a boyfriend), so I don't get alot of opportunities to talk to her. I need some advice on how to go about asking this girl out. It's not that I can't get up the cajones to ask her, the problem is that we don't know eachother very well, and I think it will come off creepy if I ask her to go do something. Any advice would be appreciated.

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No, and things like that are the problem. I don't get enough time with her to break that acquaintance/friend barrier. Once again, at our current level of familiarity, I think it would come off weird if I asked for personal information like that.


so when you do talk, what do you talk about?

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girls love when a guy notices them. we all love attention and affection and the thought of a guy chasing us. it's not weird that you're attracted to her, why would it be? the whole point of dating someone is to get to know them! so by asking her on a date, you're asking to get to know her on another level.

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Well, I didn't ask her out today, but I did ask for her phone number. I need some knowledgable advice on how to read her response. I was talking to her in class today and was trying to lead up to asking her phone number, but the teacher kept yelling at me. We we're working on a paper with 50 questions on it, so I wrote in a space for number 51 and made the question "What is (her name)'s phone number?" and asked her if she could help me with question 51. She started laughing and going "Get out of here" jokingly, so I laughed too and went back to my work. After class I said "So you didn't know the answer to number 51 or you just didn't want to tell me?" She said "Nope, don't know it." Is she brushing me off, toying with me, politely denying me, or what?

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You should have said, "You don't know it? How am I supposed to communicate with you then, send smoke signals?"


I read this somewhere and thought it was a really good response if they play hard to get.


You can try again and if she doesnt want to give it to you, brush her off. However, I will say you aren't giving her a creepy vibe since you did it in a confident, funny way.


Just be confident and funny. Girls only get a creepy vibe when guys are insecure and unsure and then it flows thorough their words and body language.

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