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Never went to high school.

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I have a really great friend who's parents really screwed him over. His whole family life is really shady, but I'll leave that alone for now.


His mother took him out of school at about 2nd grade to home-school him. They did that for a little while, but then she just never taught him anything more. Nothing. So he has about a 3rd grade education, that's it.


He's a really intelligent guy and has learned a lot from the internet and his own reading. But he's basically screwed in regards to a high school diploma, which he REALLY really wants.


He asked for my help because I dropped out of high school and am just now finishing up to get my diploma. I asked my school (it's an adult school type thing) and they said as long as he had a transcript, he can enroll right away. They didn't understand when I tried to explain his situation. They still said transcript this, transcript that. He obviously doesn't have one.


We live in CA, does anyone have any clue what to do?? He can get his GED but that will prevent him from being able to go into the military...they only want high school grads.


Please someone have some information to get around this. I really want to see him succeed, he deserves it, especially since this was really his parent's fault.

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Well I really don't know what to say about the whole ordeal, but I'll leave what I *can* contribute.



Not all branches of the military close their doors to GED graduates. Many of them allow a certain percentage of GED grads to enlist but they have to score very highly on their entrance exams.


Also, any person with a GED and at least 15 college credits gets counted as if they got their actual High School diploma. So, with a GED he could get into a community college easily, earn his 15 credits, and get waived through the military process.


See link: link removed


Plus, with the way our military is currently hurting for enlistees, I'd be shocked if they turn him away if he is a smart guy like you say.


Good luck to him though ... he got a crappy role of the dice, but if he works on it he can easily turn it all around. Good for you to help him

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See, the thing is he's really embarrassed about it. I think I'm the only one he's told about it really, and it's just because I won't judge him and I'm not perfect...I don't have my diploma yet either.


If he was to enroll in a independent study sort of thing, he would need ALL his classes and that's just not an option really.


I think I did find something though...he can take a test called the CHSPE. It's the same equivelent as a high school diploma. But I don't know why people would take the GED when there's this option so there must be a hitch somewhere.

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Yeah, I'd wanna know the differences. And whether the military would accept this second option.


It's nice that you are able to help him out.


So many intelligent people don't have paper to back it up, and you know, many people who do don't strike me as all that intelligent. Just funny I guess.


But our society insists on education and the higher, the better, and it almost seems the lower the bar. I know that sounds weird, but the hardest job I ever had was Burger King... well, I don't know about that but... it seemed really hard at the time... just frantic.

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Yeah I know what you mean!! I never had a HS diploma but I went on to college (I have a little over a year done) and I always SAY I have a diploma but don't (not yet, will before the end of this school year).


There are people I work with that have full college educations and I can slam all their arguments into the ground...but they walk around like they're better because they spent 4 years at college while I...well...didn't.


Not that there's anything WRONG with a college education, I wish I would have paid more attention in school and gotten a scholarship and all that, because the jobs you can get are so much better.


But this friend of mine, he's really screwed. He's my exbf and he's SO smart. He works with a couple mexican guys and learned SO much spanish just being around them...he picks things up so quickly but has horrible self esteem because of this setback. He worked at a pizza place and they had him run it at 18...he knew all the books, how the money worked, everything.


It's just so unfortunate because he really does have a lot to offer but like you said, nothing to back it up.


Also about the CHSPE, it says military will recognize it as an equivelent to a diploma...but not the GED.


I really wish I knew what the difference was.

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I'm pretty sure that all USA junior colleges offer free education towards a GED and the GED test for all USA citizens. Don't they? Anyone know? Might even be free to non citizens.


This is how my sister met her husband. He has a Mexican high school degree, but he wanted a USA GED. So he went to the local college and started taking classes where he met my sister who was an English teacher there. He got a GED and a wife.

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I have a friend who has no high school diploma, no GED, but he has a 2 year associates degree from a junior college. So when he applies for a job, they only ask his highest year of education and his highest degree. He says associates degree in whatever and they never ask about high school.


If they did ask about high school, I doubt they'd care since he has an associates degree. He currently is a private sector dental hygenist. He is also in the army reserves. He used to be full time airforce. He wants to join the navy next time. He thinks it's fun to join a different branch of the military each time to keep things interesting.

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