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I hear many of you speak of disappearing while in NC. Please explain to me. I haven't made any contact, haven't replied to her last email or text message. Haven't gone on my myspace in 2 weeks. Thats about the best I can do, the only thing killing me is I haven't really been going out lately and my car is always in front of my house. I would like to hear your opinions.

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You're doing the right thing and it doesn't matter if your car is always in front of your house... so what if she sees it there... YOU are showing so much class and respect by NOT contacting... no contact is the most loving thing you can do, for yourself and for the ex. so no worries about not wanting to go out right way, stay home if you want, leave your car right out in front of your house with PRIDE.


And then when your ready, start going back out there, and having fun.. this sad feelings will pass in time, they will, and pretty soon your new found confidence, and th strength you will gain from "no contact" will empower you and help you heal, and all this "courage and class" will grow inside you, and before you know it you will be "attracting" many wonderful people into your life.. maybe even the ex...


but for now, just maintain no contact and work on YOU, take care of you, take up guitar, or something, do something you've never done... new hobby, or interest or something to get your mind off the ex, and to improve yourself.

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I was just going to start a new thread to this question, and I don't want to start a new post, so here ya go:





What are the effects or totally disappearing from her/ his life? How extreme do you go until is is immoral?


ie. You ignore ALL communication from her txts, voicemail, calls, e-mails




You ignore ALL communication from her [mutual] friends, in case she is using them to check up on you.


Do I even ignore the voicemails that say: "... please call me back?" because I would think that if it was that important one would actually state the actual INTENT of the call instead of a "Hello... uhh call me back."


Of course, emergencies and the calls for important help won't be ignored.




I am beginning to show signs of healing and I don't want any contact to catalyze me back into where I was weeks ago. However I feel bad ignoring these people. However I think I've answered my own question. If these people REALLY want to say something to me, they could easily fire off and e-mail or exapnd their voicemail or txts to INCLUDE what they want to tell me.

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