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Not minding my sadness anymore.


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I lost a friend and

It made me scared to ever

Feel again.


I lost my love

For a lot in life

cant stare straight

Into eyes- I turn away

And your eyes, although they sparkle blue

I feel so lost inside myself

So I just see through you too

Into empty spaces, clouds around my head

walking quicker through the haze

Into the shadows of my dread


I felt her over me, a ghost it seemed

I felt the darkness come alive

Crying out, feeling so haunted

I haven't felt this way for a long time

Since the day I learned you died


Friendships seem so quick and over

It's hard to participate today

because something holding me down

I hate that it's the fact I'm afraid


Over my grief and have said my goodbyes

Yet at the same time, i cant deny

That on these faces around me

These smiles

I realize no one knows me now

But I know myself so well

I'm all I have

It's kind of sad

I know

I know i have to get out



Maybe then I'll be happy



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