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She needs space. Now what?

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You should ONLY call her when you are not going to talk about the "relationship" or all heavy heavy stuff.


If she is suffering from depressions she really really doesnt need it. You need to do NC for yourself and her.


Let her dictate the pace but in the meantime get on with your things.


Once you have healed then go ahead call her - be the person that provided enjoyment in her life.


I guarantee if you call her know you wont be able to help yourself talking about your relationship....and that it not a good idea.

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I have decided that I need to heal. I am sprialing out of control not only with this, but with other things in my life. My job and my schoolwork is suffering and everyone in my life is telling me I need help.


So I am going to the doctor today to see about antidepressants. I really hope that helps, because I really need to be able to sleep again.

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You may not need anti depressants but maybe a good sedative to help you sleep.


I see where you are coming from dnozzle I really do with my "ex" she also has depression.


A guy on here (Yoley) told me to visit here removed[/i]



Furthermore I have learnt to be as unobtrusive as possible. At the moment its working. In a month and a half its gone from "Im a mess, I dont want to see you, find someone else, I cant deal with the stress" to "I love you so much, I hate not being near you, I miss you lying next to me"...


It probably helped that I did NC for a little while and let her come to me as it were.

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