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My ex and I made arrangements to meet up after not seeing eachother for 6 months, it was an LDR (he broke up with me saying he was unsure if he wanted to be in a relationship) and I happened to be in his area so I asked if he'd like to meet up so he said "yeah I'll be away on the Friday at a friends wedding but we can meet saturday night instead if you like" (he even text me later that evening asking if I could go on msn to have a chat - but I couldn't) I agreed that would be perfect but was a bit worried I wouldn't hear anymore from him, but when it came to that Friday he text and asked what I'd like to do. We spoke for a few hours that day while he was at the wedding party and he seemed to be looking forward to seeing me.


The next day came and I got another text from him saying he was so sick from all they had to drink at the wedding that he wouldn't be able to meet up with me. I was so disappointed but said there was no problem, he asked if I could meet him the next morning instead but I was leaving early the next morning. This was 3 weeks ago and we haven't spoken since. Do you think he just made an excuse?, part of me thinks he genuinely was too sick but another part thinks if that was me no matter how sick I was I would have met up with him. The reason I'm asking really is we were starting to become friends again and I will be in his country again after xmas and I don't know if I should let him know or not. I don't want to make a fool of myself but I would love to just meet up and have a chat with him.

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I would love to get back together but if that can't happen I would genuinely like to be friends with him. We were very good friends and I really miss talking to him. I would love for us to just go out and have a good time together and forget about all the negative stuff that has gone on. But I'm scared that he may have just said he'd meet me so he wouldn't hurt my feelings but I also don't want to miss the opportunity of spending some time with him if he wants to aswell.


At this stage I really can't tell with him because one minute he's asking me if I'll go on msn and chat with him and he was being really enthuastic about us meeting up, which leads me to think he still wants to be in contact but then he didn't meet up with me when he had the chance so I don't know what to think.

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perhaps contact him to meet up.


if he has a few more 'excuses' then it seems that is your answer: he does not really want to continue a relationship with you, be it friends or what.


However, you will never know if you guys can get back or be friends if you don't contact him to meet up!


you will not be afool because of wanting to meet up with someone who was important to you at any stage of your life. good luck!

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