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Am i in love? please i need help

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(Im 13 and im a male vicky is 14 and her boyfriend is 15) convinet right.



Ok I went to a block party and ive liked this girl as a friend. so anyway i went to the party and so did vicky (the girl i like) but she brought her boyfriend. I was very happy for her, so we sat down (her boyfriend to) and we started playing the secret password (you know from cable guy) anyway after that we just talked... OH! yeah he and her they kiss...Alot!

anyway they start makeing out and every time they do i cheer and go YEAHHHHH WOOOOOOOO HOOO HOO HOO YEAH ALRIGHT YEAH!!!!! LOL

so anyway they do it like every five minutes but for like the tenth time i stoped cheering and froze thoughts started surging through my mind they went so fast that i could not explain it. but then a image of vicky just stopped right in my head...oh her preety face what a great image. any way they were like "are you okay" and i was like ".................huh what oh yeah sure". then i started looking at vicky and i did that goofy smile. but not on purpose it just happened she started giggiling and i blushed she gave me a soft peck on the cheek ( in front of her BF but hey he didnt care he laughed) After that night i didnt feel the same...i dont know whats going on i keep thinking of that kiss its freaking me out someone please help......am i in love, please answer i need serious help

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hey there, Im your age, and ive been in a somewhat simliar situation. And there have been many times when i thought i was in love but then found out that they were all jackasses......BBUUT this aint about me this is about you, so i wouldnt jump to conclusions. You need to wait more. I dont think that your in love BUT you never know....When your in love....trust me, you'll know, and you wouldnt have to go to a site to ask other people if you are or not. You'll just know. If you have msn add me at email removed so we can chat more

I wish you the best of luck with you relationships

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Ok listen you do not know how hard it is to approach this girl. I walk up to her and start spaceing out. its really bad i cant go up to her and if she comes up to me she says "hi" but i just go ".......................................................................... hi". Then she's gone by that time. anyway one day when she said hi i actully responded and asked her what that kiss really meant. Well she started laughing (in a good way not in a mean way) and said "it meant nothing i just wanted to see what you would do". then i said "come over here for a sec please you must hear me out" we went over to a spot where it was just me and her (by the way this was right after school so we were outside) i told her everything the thoughts about her how i deeply fell in love and you know what she said........."....................i cant believe that are you serious" then me "yes i am.....vicky i love you" she huged me in a very romantic way and i blushed like crazy. she then said " well i geuss i might as well tell you.... i feel the same way" i erupted like a volcano i turned so red that i got really hot. then i asked what about yanok (thats her i guess EX BF) and she said she broke up with him. we then serioulsy started talking for a long time (yes we did miss the buss so we walked home ( it wasnt that far she lives a block away from me) i asked her out and she said yes problem is i have no money. so what should i do ask my parents for money ( oh by the way this is my first date) help me please

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