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Should I, or shouldn't I...

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0X What up "dawg"!?

Alright, i have a question. This girl, that happens to be my friend now (knowing her for 7 years now!), i REALLY like...maybe love...i dont know.

Anyways, we've talked about having a relationship and what not, i expressed my feelings...blah blah blah. She said there is something b/t us, just not right now...(she just broke up with her bf that she had been dating for 1 1/2 years, this was several weeks ago). And to end the coversation about all our feelings and what not...she says she'll kiss me when she is ready. So a couple of ?s:


-Will she really come to ME...or is she saying this to maybe make me kiss her or something?! (Never heard a girl say she'll make the move)


-Should i kiss her and not wait....


wait for her?


-Or is it possible that she dosnt even like me and is just talkin' & teasin'?


I dont know what to do in this situation...its kinda a weird one...but i cant stop thinkin about her and i want to start this relationship ASAP, but maybe its not the right time or something..I DONT KNOW!

REPLY PLZ WITH YOUR THOUGHTS ON THESE ?'s and if you have other comments, i would love to hear them...


Peace out!

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Ok first calm the *beep* down...geeze kid your like speedy gonzalez just calm down and stay cool. Now if i were in this situation i would wait because even though its been weeks after she broke up she probobly still feels for him and you know that if you had arelationship like that yoyu would to... But yeah just wait for her to kiss you and if you want to make her hurry abit just start to write her poems not poems that spill your guts out but just calm but with alittle romantic stuff in it because then she will focus more on you.


Hope this helped

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I think you should wait ...because you don't want to upset her by doing something she's not comfortable with...

Talk more about what the possibilities are between the two of you but don't push things on to her too fast...Because she just got out of a relationship...it might take her some time to be ready for another one... especially with someone whom she must care for to be friends with you for so long.. Good Luck with everything...

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