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i like these kind of boys:

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the kind of boys that play hard to get and make you feel like ur chasing them...but in the back of your head you know he likes you. i dont like boys that right off the bat when youre just getting to know them already like you and compliment you tons. theres this boy that iv been kiinda together with for awhile now but he isnt that into me which for some reason i like, but we hookup(just kiss so far) every time we see eachother, so obvously hes attracted to me in some way. but im kinda over him and now im talking to this new boy. one of my best friends liked this new boy but he wasnt that into her, turns out hes into me..and i did something bad and he kissed me and i let him...now we talk alottt and im kinda starting to like him but he seems like he likes me a little too much and it kindof turns me off...why am i like this? i need to learn how to like guys that care for me and like me rather than guys who dont care for me and make me chase then...advice??

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I think you learn lessons like these over time - I'm presuming you're quite young?


The way I see it, women that like "bad boys" get burned time and time again and eventually come to the conclusion that it's better to be with someone that actually loves them and doesn't play games.

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I think its because he is displaying a neediness attitude. Its not because you like "bad boys". Its more that the bad boys exhibit the qualities a women looks for in a man, the only downside is that the good ones havent figured it out yet and thereforeeee they try to hard which is usually a turn off.


Women are programmed to want to be with a certain man. A man who will protect them, who will lead, basically the alpha male. One who is confident, has self-control, is not needy.


Neediness is not attractive. Niether is trying to "convince" someone to like you. Just because he likes you doesnt mean you have to like him. However I would be careful with the "bad boys". Eventually you will find the healthy median between the two types of guys.

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