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I'm trying to figure out if moving out would really do the trick, and help me feel like I'm getting somewhere in life. I know I've posted similar threads like a billion times, but I'm not quite convinced. Moving out would be a huge step for me.


I feel like my home with the old folks is a prison in many ways. Although an outsider wouldn't see them as *that* bad, they certainly have been over the years. To cope, I've barricaded myself up in my room to shut them/the dysfunctional family out. The only reason this was successful was because my computer/internet has acted as a "window" to the outside world. A tool for escape.


This has affected my studying pretty badly. As soon as I'd get home, I'd barricade myself in my room. To remove the feeling of claustrophobia, I'd resort to my computer.


Even though realistically, I know they're currently *okay*, I still live like this - the tension and feelings regarding my parents have built up over the years, and I can't seem to change the way I feel about them, especially my Dad whom I almost never speak to/look at (he is very dominating). I can see the same effect at work on my younger brother, and know there is nothing I can do to change it.


Interestingly, also, I have noticed that when my folks aren't around I'm inclined to leave my room. When my Mum is here, I'll leave my room sometimes, and talk to her sometimes. But, when my Dad is here, I'll almost never leave, or especially talk to him.


But I know, if I move out, I'll be poor as hell, and I'll have to spend a LOT more time doing things I don't regularly have to worry about... which means, life will most assuredly get harder... But would it be for the better?

I have no doubt some of my computer use will resume; I just feel it will be more casual as opposed to necessity. I know I'll make lots of mistakes, but I know I'll also learn a lot this way.


I just feel like I'm not making progress currently, and I'm sick of making the same mistakes... and if I can squeeze in one more shot at College, or life, I want to get it right.


What do you all think?

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personally i would go study in the library, away from your parents and focused on your future. Sport to vent your body, and acting as a castle gate closing yourself to bad people/things/events like your family, and opening yourself up to oppertunity,good people/things/events. You can't really progress in terms of study in your room while the computer is giving you all this distraction. You see the thing is you have to face the (harsh) reality, and make more things 'concrete' , you know like for instance if you would draw a painting you have something in your hands, instead of all this virtual stuff, you actually accomplish something.


don’t get bored and be too stubborn when it comes to achieving goals you set for yourself. Life Is more of a test to challenge your abilities... set a goal and see if you can achieve it.work fast and efficiently.pick a skill & stick to it. The transitions between switching skills add up to a huge waste of time.


Personally i would stay home, finish college and then move out. There's no need to rush as you are poor, and do not yet have the financial means to get out, so gathering money by whatever factor is neccesary to establish your own home. So for now deal with your dysfunctional family and don't let them into your life.

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