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it's kind of hard to tell. seems like she's obsessed with you, you make her feel good and happy, and she is terrified of losing that feeling so she wants to make sure she doesn't. but obsession isn't always love. if she loves you she'd trust you more and not get upset over every little thing. that's just my opinion. i think she's more obsessed than in love.

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It sounds like she might be too attached to you, she may be codependent. It's not healthy and I think you should try to read up on codependency or talk to a counselor to see what you can do to help her be more secure and happy with herself.


I mean I don't really know exactly what love is. But I'm sure you can be in love but have an unhealthy relationship, so I can't really tell you whether or not you two love each other.


My last relationship seemed codependent - both me and my ex were. so it was unhealthy but I still think I loved her. who knows?

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when a girl watch her boyfriend talk to a pretty girl , it would probably pose a threat to herself , she might feel that her relationship is being tested .


if she is not confident in herself she would ask for a break-up just do not want to feel insecure whenever got pretty girl come to you .


you should always assure her that you care about her , like say I LOVE YOU whenever you got opportunity.

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I was like this to my ex and that partially got her to breakup with me. I was really down and depressed though because I lossed my mom. Does she have something in her life that is causing this?


However if she's just always like this, then you do have to consider the option that she is just holding on to you. Sometime in your relationship there might have been love, but it might have turned into something else. She needs to understand that her actions are not really conducive to your relationship, and you don't want to become a babysitter or have to worry for her everytime you go out.


Loving someone entails trust between you two; enough trust that you two can have separate lives, without the other getting jealous.

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