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Ok ill give my situation as summarized as I can.




Basically i met this girl and we were boyfrind and girlfriend for 5 months, then she dumped me and her excuse was she didnt like me as much as her ex. So we were split up for about 2 1/2 months, about 2 without seeing each other then when i was out of school i started seeing her at the bars. Then she got one of her friends to call me and ask me if i am over her, or playing hard to get after she started sending me messages over msn.


I took her back and her reason for leaving me was that she was scared and confused. And she said that she would never want to hurt me again. So we were together for the whole summer and then i had to go back to school (which is in the same town i live in). So the first little while when i was not that busy was good, but right around thanksgiving i was overloaded with homework and studying for midterms. So i didnt have much free time, and I told my girlfirend that weekends are the only free time I have and that i wanted to spend them with her.


Well once I started to get really busy we didnt see each other much, and she would just do her own thing. It ended on thankgiving weekend when she went to her camp with her family(didnt invite me) and she said she would come home sunday. She ended up coming home monday and didnt even call me to let me know. She was supposed to come to my house for dinner monday and she didnt get in from her camp until a hour before my dinner. We started fighting when i brought this upand she said she is done with this, and we broke up.


Also over the entire time we dated she never showed any interest in my family or my friends and seemed to allude any social situation other than with her own family and friends. Even when she came over she wouldnt try to carry a conversation on with my family. I brought that up to her and she flipped out and said she doesnt want to be with someone who thinks that of her. Also when I was very busy with shcool she would say that i dont show her affection or sayh i love her anymore, which totally stressed me out. It seems that she always is fighting with at least one of her friends or just talking about them.




All of her friends tell me i was a awsome boyfriend, and that she was a jerk to me.



Its been about two months since we broke up, and the other day she messages me and asks me how i am doing? I dont know if she is just playing games or is sorry for being so irrational?


I truly love this girl and we had a really good thing until i got really busy with school.


Just to add I am in my final year of electrical engineering and the course load is ridiculous, so i truly had most of my time focused on my schooling.

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well first off, you getting busy at school should have no real impact in your relationship, she should see your trying very hard to get a career and understand that.


Secondly, how you respond is up to you, but I would advise that you examine your life in the last two months, has anything changed that would stop the same thing happening again? Would she be more inclined now that shes lost you once to let you concentrate on your schooling even if its just as consuming?

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