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Do girls say yes even if they aren't interested

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Sorry for the long rambling but here it goes. So I met this girl in one of my college classes this semester. It only meets once a week so I don't get to see her too often. I really like her and a couple of months ago asked her out for coffee. We did that and I thought things went really well. I didn't really act real soon on anything else, because I've always been really bad with girls and this is all new territory for me. A few weeks ago and I told her that I thought she was sweet, smart, beautiful girl and asked her if she would like to go out sometime. I have to admit though I was super nervous and probably came accross as a huge dork. The date still hasn't happened though because she had to cancel one time, then thanksgiving break, and then I've been sick the past couple of weeks. This past Tuesday was the last class and I asked if I could call her over Christmas break so we could make another attempt at going out and she said sure since we both live in the same area. This girl is really hard for me to to read. She didn't really ever make eye contact or try to talk to me in class, but when class is over and she leaves first she'll wait for me outside the room and I walk her back to her dorm. I'm also the one always bringing up going out. So, do you'll think she's just saying yes because she doesn't want to hurt my feelings, because she is a sweet, caring kind of girl, or could there be some sort of mutual interest since she always does say yes to going out. Thanks in advance.

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she was sweet, smart, beautiful girl and asked her if she would like to go out sometime.

^Not Good (Communicates insecurity)^


Girls don't say yes if they're not interested. You must have done something right to get a first date. The problem is the you lost her interest during the date. The way I'm perceiving this is that you've lost her. First impressesions never change, and she thinks you're a wuss. But don't worry you can always learn how to improve your ability with girls. Hang in there. For the moment, move on. You'll get better with time and practice.


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