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There's this cute boy I keep seeing...

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SO... once I was at this music event at a community space and I saw this cute boy. He seemed really engrossed in the music and wasn't even really looking around and I never had eye contact with him.


But a few weeks ago I was walking at this local community market and saw him. I almost didn't look at him cause I'm kinda shy but I did, and he smiled at me and I smiled back.


Then I saw him this last weekend at the same place and I was checking out a vendor and then he came near and seemed to know the people who worked there. I didn't look at him at first (I was nervous) and then I walked by him and he looked at me out of the corner of his eye and I smiled and he smiled back and I said hi. Someone was talking to him so I just kept moving.


Afterwards, I kicked myself in my * * *, why didn't I say anything. But what would I say to him?? I'm sure I'll see him again...


I've thought of different things...

"Hi... I've seen you around a few times. What's your name?"

"Hi... I hope you don't think I'm rude, I'm just kind of shy... Whats your name?" (It would actually take more balls for me to say that...)

um... any ideas? do you think he might be interested? do guys say hi and smile just to be friendly? i know, i sound like someone clueless but i don't want to just see what i want to see either...

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Just start saying 'hi' to him.


There was a guy who went to my university and we both hung around the area alot. I think a mutual friend had introduced us once, a long time ago, but I'm not sure. Anyway, whenever we would see each other we would kiss (on the cheek, a montreal thing...), say 'hi' and keep walking - this kept going on for 2-3 years. I never even knew his name or had a 2 minute conversation with him. But he was my kissing friend. So sweet.

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