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How long does it take an ex to reply to an email?

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There could be a thousand reasons why she hasn't responded. Let alone the fact that you and her have cut off contact. Maybe she doesn't want to talk to you? Why did you start contact back up? What was the point? What are you objectives.


Either way, there is no reason to fret over her not responding. Freaking about "what if's" and dwelling on something you have no power over is not only pointless, it is unhealthy.

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One of my ex's who I had no interest in getting back together with( we had been broken up for over four years) wrote me a letter. He send me a brithday card, I thanked him, then it took him two weeks to respond to my thank you letter.


But my case is different due to the fact that we are just friends, nothing more. I can see why you would be a little nervous about your e-mail! I hope she will write back!



PS: Some people never check their email, so who knows how long it will take, or she my just ignore it also. Just keep your head up and tell yourself that at least you gave it a second chance, she will have to live with the what if's. Just like the story I told you about if it is meant to be it will be!!

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As I said in your previous posting, it now wait at least one week before responding my ex{s emails. It is something I do on purpose as he dumped me.

I did{t read your previous postings and don{t know the true situation here--who dumped who. But give it 2 weeks. She should respond by then. Don{t feel impatient, and try to have your mind on other things.

Good luck to you. Hope she responds soon!


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