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Hi guys


Feeling pretty bad still. Keep thinking 'what if she really was the one' for me? What if I've just lost the one person I can be happy with? I am missing her SO much - it really does hurt.


Does the aching really get better? Do you ever reach the point that you feel normal again? i'm a normally sane, independent, sorted woman - I haven't recognised myself for weeks!


I still can't believe someone I loved and who I believed loved me could turn around and effectively blank me from her life so completely. I know she has her reasons (her mum has written to her with questions about her sexuality which she had avoided - such as forgiveness in the eyes of God) and she is the sort of person who doesn't do emotional stuff very well (except when she needs to). but I feel horrible. She is the sort of person whom everyone who knows her say 'Isn't she a lovely girl?' about - so what does that say about me that she's dumped me?


Really guys....HOW do I live without her? She was the one for me - I've really never loved anyone like her. I truly thought it was for keeps - and she appeared to also. The pain is crushing me and I feel like I'm suffocating. How do I live without her when that's the last thing I want to do. I miss her so much.


Sorry for burdening....



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Hi guys


How do I live without her when that's the last thing I want to do. I miss her so much.





You take it one day at a time. Many of us have felt the way you do at some point and the feelings you have will gradually fade a little bit at a time. I know it doesnt seem like it will ever get better but it will. People have an amazing ability to heal and move on with life. Time will take care of everything, unfortunatley you just have to be patient. Try not to think about how much you miss her and stay as busy as possible. Take good care of yourself and post on here when you are having a rough time.

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The way I see it, if she is the One. It's not truly over. That, or she just wasn't the one! and there is someone else for you.

But you can be happy without 'the one'. Happiness comes from within you, it's not carried to you by others.

Search yourself & find yourself again. sometimes in relationships, I find we lose sight of ourselves & focus to much on the other. Find your passions in life, what brings joy to you, music, art, nature, people, helping others....

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uplateandlonely, daletroN, you are right. They were the ONE. At one time, they were the one for you, but not anymore. They changed. You changed and you aren't together anymore for a reason.


If you are open to the future, optimistic about finding a new ONE then you will.



daletroN, you didn't deny her the possibility of a friendship, you opened up the door to begin healing.




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