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okay, confused.

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So im friends with this guy, we'll call him bob.

ive been friends with him for like a year now but it seems longer.

in french class today he and one of his buddys (also kinda a friend of mine)

and me and one of my bffe were working in a group.

His buddy, well call.. jim.


Jim tapped Bob on the shoulder and pointed in my direction.

I just ignored it but then Bob was like "i dont know"

and Jim just smiled.

Bob was all weird after that.

like he was still joking around and laughing and everything like usuall but he had his head down on the desk for a bit and would kinda just smile at me and my bffe when we made a joke.

we asked what was wrong and he said he was just hungry..

before the end of class jim was nodding his head to bob in my direction again and bob punched jim smiling and said i dont know again.

The whole class he was like.. stealing the lids of my pens and stuff... and... i dont know..

so wahts going on?

by the way he was acting and kinda..flirting with me i was getting a weird feeling

and i dont know.. i thought we were friends.. although he is kinda cute now that i think about it, and i did like him in the past...

but were friends right? we hang out when possible and have a good laugh now and then... thats normal?

and then i was thinking maybe it was his friend.. maybe he liked me

or am i just misunderstanding the whole thing?



And then, like.. in other classes, itll be really boring, and ill be looking around the room cause theres nothing better to do and he'll be looking at me.

i dont know if its cause i looked at him or if he was for a while..


so confused.

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