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How To Get Rid Of A Hickey!?!?!?!?!?!!

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Well...moisturizer, then concealer blended into foundation...then more foundation, then powder to set it all...


But you said that didn't work...so either you do the old turtleneck thing, or bust out the scarves.


I remember when my ex decided to be evil like that, I had to wear scarves for quite a while...Thank goodness that I have quite a few silk ones, and I got many compliments on the creative ways in which I tied them. Things like that force you to be imaginative...

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use a green-based concealer first. you can find them at the drug store, they are.... green concealers! (green is the opposite color of red, so it should mute out the color)


then use foundation of your skin color, and then powder.


and then put an ultra-chic scarf around your neck!

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Hmmm aren't we a lil toooo old for hickies? lol That's so high schoolish!


When that happened to me, I had to put on tons of concealer and then wore a turtleneck for the whole week!

No, It's not like something we planned on. It just happens when you are sucking on someones neck. It feels great, it has nothing to do with age. But yes ladybug....I guess we'll need to find a new hidden place for him to put them!

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I remember being told when I was about 13 or so to use toothpaste, I never actually tried it so I can neither confirm nor deny. Anyone heard of that before?


I heard that too and apparently it works but I never tried it... just sounds strange to me.. in doubt.. use a green concealer and then apply a foundation of your exact tint over it. The green will cover the red to perfection (wheel of color).. the only problem is you might look made of clorophil if you dont do it properly hehe

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