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So I tried going to the movies

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Hello everyone. I decided to try to go to the movies with this girl I know and for a while things were quiet and then we talked a bit (of course obviously theatres arent a good place to talk but I thought it would be a good baby step to start things.) well anyways so we talk and then for a while I had images of my ex because we used to cuddle a lot in the movie theatre (I know very inappropriate) so then I was bummed out a bit but then I felt better a little bit. This girl not talking much didnt help either but in the end I felt good that I went out with someone to hang out and I just gotta be patient and hopefully one day flush my ex out of my system..of course thats hard but right now I gotta study for finals...otherwise im toast..have a good one everyone.

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hear what you are saying bro. movies can be tough.


i think youve got a good outlook here. just dont push it too much with any women. dont get me wrong, female company does wonders, but watch yourself. i felt an urge to sleep with women and that it would be of help, but it really wasnt. thankfully i didnt hurt anyone in the process.


keep focusing on finals, keep yourself busy. you'd be surprised how success can make you feel in control, and can make your ex gasp at your level headedness.

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I encourage you, revitalized (how did no one take your alias before you? to keep active, and as long as it feels comfortable, keep dating other women for the psychological "practice". You'll find the right woman when you are ready.


I also suggest that you focus on your schooling and maintain NC with your ex. Good luck and keep us posted.




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hi, thanks for the posts everyone..I am just hoping my ex doesnt contact me over the christmas holidays. I know for certain she will be in town because she visits my town during the holidays. I feel iffy about replying to her if she does indeed email me because she hurt me pretty badly and I dont think she should hear from me. I kinda think she should learn how to live her life without trying to contact me and if I do reply to her message then it will feel easy for her to contact me whenever. I dont know but what do you guys think?

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