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Are You A Planner Or Fly By The Seat Of Your Pants?

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I have made a resolution to become MORE of a planner.

I even bought a planner for 2007....and wrote some things in it.

Now.........NORMALLY I prefer to keep things open ended (aside from business

related things) but I find that I always have a lot of UNstructured....thus

UNproductive time. Ugh...So....how many of you are planners? Does it benefit you and your lifestyle? How far in advance do you plan your life or activities??


Any advice would be helpful!!!

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I try every year to plan... every year... so now I just accept that I do not plan.. I actually work well under time constraints and commitments.. this is why I do better at everything the more I do.


i remember way back in university... my last semester, I was taking extra course load... working 3 jobs, volunteering at two places, running competitively.... and I still had the most active social life ever..


I also remember a time when I was only working part time.. I didn't do anything else didn't work out.. and was bascially a slob!


but I still don't plan anything... I got high on adrenalin... ha ha!

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So I guess I'm going to be the first person in this thread to vouch for planning.


I literally plan every minute of every day, and I can't be happy if something is open-ended. For me, if I don't have it planned, it won't get done, and if for some reason I do have free time, I never know how to use it.


To answer ladybugg's question on the benefits of planning, I believe that my planning has made me extremely productive and extremely stressed at the same time.


Also, I should note that if you like to plan things, it would be best to be in a relationship with someone who likes to plan things as well. My girlfriend likes to be spontaneous, and I know that her plans for the day can change at any second. Hence, I always find myself writing down lots of contingency plans in case they do.

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I am more of a planner than not. My work requires it. Socially, I usually plan my weekends in advance by at least a few days and also plan for concerts, theater and vacations, weekends away, etc. I can be spontaneous with friends but usually my lunches, dinners, etc get booked up a few weeks in advance so it's catch as catch can. I am fine with "tentative plans" but if that is a friend's "MO" we likely will rarely see each other. Same with friends who constantly cancel or blow off plans. A few chances with the latter, a few more with the former, depending and then I make no effort to make plans - my free time is too precious.


I ended things with on line guys early on in dating - sometimes didn't even meet them - because they refused to plan in advance or wanted to leave things tentative all the time. I do not like to live that way.

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If you plan everything, you are planning to miss the accidentally wonderful things. My life is currently a testament to poor planning, and I can't say it's a bad thing. I've met wonderful people and seen some fine things through serendipity. Wherever you go, there you are.


I know that flies in the face of the well-considered life with each hour alotted for the finest of returns. In my earlier years, I carried a dayplanner, managed my time and made each minute count. That worked well, too.


Time flies, no matter what you do wih it.


If I wasn't a planner, I wouldn't have seen my cousin before she died at age 34, seen my friend last night who almost died in the hospital last week, made it to a friend's party and another friend's play all in one night last week which both of them really appreciated, read to hundreds of homeless children over the last 5 years as part of my volunteer work (that always has to be planned because I have to leave early to get there), etc. I see accidentally wonderful things every day because I live in one of the most interesting cities in the world. It's not about planning, it's about noticing your surroundings and that can be done by a planner or non-planner.

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i have learned to have a blend of both. however, if u are married or with someone u can't abide by the 'pant seat' thang anymore because that is disrespectful. one thing i have learned and really helped is that when i 'commit' to doing something that is 'planned', when the 'activity' is first mentioned do not just rush and say something without thinking it thru. that caused me so much trouble. second, be honest with yerself. is it something u want to do? last, if u commit, do it. and enjoy yerself. i used to whine, 'i;m gonna hate going to uncle lurkeos' and afterwards admit it was great and the ex would shake her head and give me the five finger salute.



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