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To all my wonderful friends here... yesterday was extremely challenging for me, as you may have noticed by my post about breaking 7 months of nc...


I am proud to say that I didn't text the ex, after finding out that he was on a dating site and so completely different from the man I had known... I was shocked, hurt, stunned, emotional, you name it, I was everything...


SuperDave and Ellie, really helped me through this time... if it weren't for them and all the lovely others... I would have broken my nc and landed straight back at sqaure one... but they held my hand and guided me through the wave of emotion that overcome me, and for that they have my deepest love and warmth always...


One thing Dave pointed out was to be the example for others... I thought me... an example, who would notice me... but that really had an inpact on me.. because I thought If I could ever, ever help anyone, I would in an instant...


I had been doing nc to heal from my painful breakup with a man who never loved me and disrespected me in so many ways.. and I nearly poured that down the drain in an instant because I was so emotional... but what it comes down to is self respect. I respect myself enough to know that I am a wonderful, loving woman and that it is his loss... and if he wants to date internet girls... his choice. We are not together anymore...


I just wanted to say that I know what it feels like to want to break that no contact... I was hanging on by a thread.. but I didn't do it... I nearly did, I was up all night thinking what I was going to say... but I didn't.. I came here to where I knew the right people and warm hearts would help me... and they did...


So, my situation is an example of how close one can get, but still don't do it... keep a hold of yourself and your self respect...


I hold so much respect and value for the wonderful people here, and in my moment of torment, I was guided by the right advice...


SuperDave, Ellie... my love to you.... and to all here...


Always your friend,



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On a serious note:


Those out there that think about making a mistake and breaking NC...



Read this and you have found not only an example of courage but of inner strength. She found it within herslef to STOP and think rationally about her situation.


Instead of breaking NC, she overcame. THIS MY FRIENDS IS A TRUE SIGN OF HEALING!!!







Your Friend,





PS. You had a choice...you made that choice and you did what YOU felt was right.


This was ALLLLLL you sweety!! NOT us!

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Dear Dreamer...


I am so sorry that you have to go through the pain of having a broken heart... I know exactly what you're going through...I am still recovering... but you know what, If I can do it.... and remain with nc after what happened... believe me... you can, and I have been through the works...


Good luck, keep in touch.

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Hey poetsheart, I am currently going through the exact feelings you went through the other day about being on the urge of texting

(I just found out he went out to see a couple of females of whom have always been conniving b*tches to me and its slicing me in half)

im only a few weeks into NC but the pain is excrutiating... i knew i had to go straight to your thread and live by your example.

At the moment feels like a blow to the gut, but just letting you know that THIS thread is the only thing keeping me from texting him, as I know I can rise above this


p.s im on Australia too! (Melb)

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Dear selfi,


Wow, you are in melb? How fantastic!!


I am so thrilled that my thread has been able to help you, that it's been some sort of comfort in a way.... please know how difficult it was, I so know what you're going through.. I was so close... so close... my heart beats faster just thinking of it.. but If I can do it, you know you can!!!! I know how you feel, especially about those women... it makes my stomach turn, but you are better than this, you are better than them, don't give the ex the satisfaction of texting.


Nc is truly about healing, and I know if I did text him I would have regressed.


You can do it, stay with nc, don't give him the satisfaction!!!

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