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Shyness CAN be overcome

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Because I have done it myself. It is all about adopting a healthy attitude towards all people in general, not just the cute person you have a thing for. Cynicism will only get you so far. Don't think about the result... just talk. The funniest moments in conversations and dialogue happen when something unexpected comes up.


Smiling and saying "hi" to students at school, teachers, store clerks, and strangers helps in a big way. It builds your confidence up. And believe it or not, it quickly carries over to regular conversaions.

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That's great that you were able to overcome your shyness Easyguy.


Do you ever find that you have relapses though? Are there situations that still get your stomach all in a twist? Any reccomendations for things like that?


I've been trying to change my mind set, but sometimes I'll still find myself putting my foot in my mouth. Or stammering something horribly awkward. It's so embarrassing.

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