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is breaking up with him the right thing to do?

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we've been very close friends for more than a year.

Never thought he is already courting me at that time.

He finally asked me if i will consider having a relationship with him.

It should have been 6.5 months hadn't i initiated a break up with him 3 weeks ago. For 27 years, he is the only bf i had. i love him so much that i want him to be my partner forever. the first two months of our relationship, we are working in the same company, after that he moved to his hometown for another company. He managed to visit me twice a month But weeks before the breakup he said an average visit of once a month is reasonable. Our communication then became dry and seldom for we always end up arguing once we started a conversation. He seemed to be so serious with what i said to him that i could hardly make a joke or request for sweet nothings. I feel so insecure at that time that i could hardly go on with our relationship but since he is my first love and first boyfriend, i extended my patience until one night i asked him if he loves me. Thinking i will get what i want to hear, i feel sorry for myself when he can't answer me straight to my question. I began to express my feelings about our relationship and he countered it back with "don't try to change a person you love". Then he uttered the words i least expect from him.. "i don't see any future in us nor a chemistry to make this relationship work". I felt my whole system stopped for a while then i managed to tell him to end the relationship.


now i am in so much pain. i don't know but i feel guilty for breaking up with him. i wan't him back but i have so much pride in myself that i don't want to initiate the move. he pulled the trigger for me to let go of him so i don't find it reasonable fro me to make the move. i don't know that he's thinking or what he's going thru right now but I, i am totally wrecked. pls. save me.

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Well i know it has to be very hard on you since he is your first love but obviously his feelings kinda faded for you to say he doesn't see a future with you two.. don't try to hold onto something that isn't going to last..

it may make you happy for a little while but eventually you will be very unhappy..

i am sure there is someone else out there that could treat you sooo much better and want to see you everyday and do sweet little things for you that he doesn't do...

i have realized you don't have the best until you get treated the best and THERE IS someone out there that will treat you the best becuz i believe that everyone has someone perfect for them out there but you just gotta look!!!

I hope i helped a little!!!

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