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When did you start seeing signs of pregnancy?


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When I got pregnant I did not feel any different really. I took a few of those "early results" tests that are supposed to work a few days before your period, but they kept showing up negative. Then a few days later, I missed my period, and only on the day of the missed period did it show a positive result which was later confirmed by a blood test.


My conclusion: It is highly possible that the early tests give false negatives. The HCG content may not be enough by then to show up. If at all possible wait until the morning you're supposed to get your period, to take the test.



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Uh oh, that's kind of worrisome.


I normally never have any PMS symptoms.


I expect my period on Dec 9th, but the last 2 days, I had really bad cramping, but alas no period, my breasts increased in size, which usually doesn't happen for me, they are very tender and I am very fatigued.


I don't know if it's too early to take a test yet, because some tests promise 5days earlier than your period, but I was wondering if anyone took it earlier and it actually showed a positive.


I took plan B this month so maybe it's just the plan B


Hopefully it's just nature playing tricks on me .

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I thought I had the flu about a week before I got my period. I did everything I wasn't supposed to, went to sauna's, took every medicine known to man, etc. My body was sore, I was congested, coughing, etc.


I didn't take a test until I was late by 5 days. Then typical morning sickness started almost immediately (throwing up, dizzy, tired, etc.).


I didn't have any of the typical early pregnancy signs.

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