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Conflicting reasons for breaking up

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So...when you've been dating a guy for a relatively short amount of time (a month) and one day he tells you that he doesn't think he can ever be in a relationship or get married because he needs his space and he doesn't want you to take all of this as a rejection, and the next day tells you he doesn't think you and he are compatible....which of these two reasons is more likely?


Is it really him...or is it me?

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It doesn't matter. It's both of you. You aren't right for one another. Don't fall into the trap of EVER thinking it's you (that you're not good enough) and at the same time don't blame the other person and harbor resentment.


The point is, he doesn't want to see you anymore and thankfully he told you NOW rather than 2.5 years from now on the day he was supposed to sign your apartment lease with you... Ummm.... Not like that's, uh, happened to ME or anything... LOL

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