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How to say goodbye to someone you love

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I have a friend going away to London for at least a year, and I'll still be here in the U.S. We have developed a very strong relationship...more than friends but due to the circumstances around us, we can't further our relationship. I want to give him something for when he goes away, something that shows him that I am really going to miss him and something that lets him know that I love him.


Has anyone here had to deal with a loved one going away and if so did you give them anything special before they left? I need advice!


Thank you in advance

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barely 3 years ago, weeks before that special someone left me, i made sure i am spending quality time with him, making each day as if it's our last day together.

since i can't tell him verbally my real feelings for him, i showed him

how much he meant to me. i think that was the hardest thing to do... to suppress your real feelings for some reasons. on his last day, i asked him

to accompany me to what i consider a special place.. a park on top of the mountain and then i gave him a 3 sweet kisses

1. one on the forhead -- i told him this is for being a good friend to me.

2. on the nose-- for making me laugh always

3. on lips (just a gentle smack) -- when i was about to kiss him, he asked

me, what is that last kiss for? i told him for being the special person that you are to me. He just kissed me instead


i gave him a little souvenir and a copy of my favorite song for him.

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Recently when i learnt that someone i am close to (friends, maybe more on some higher level?) was going back home overseas, I came up with the idea of a 'farewell cd' that contained all those songs that either remind me of her, or contain her name or are special to me, her or US for whatever reason. It was actually quite sad when i had it all put together really Nice front, no song names just artists and an explaatory text inside


BUT... things chance and now i find she isnt going away after all, but its a nice cd to put on in the car when you're feeling a bit lonely



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