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too many lies??????

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ok. heres the story. it seems at first , everything was ok. then it all changed. she was lying to me constantly. one of the lies that got me confuse was that she would lie about going out to the club. she lives in a different town so it makes it sorta difficult, but she always says shed get back to me , and when i called her on it, she broke down crying saying she "needed to dance" and thats why she was going. i told her to be straight with me . but apparently she wasnt listening. she used to do illegal things,before she met me, and admitted to me and said that it was a very long time ago. I asked her what was wrong , and she was all out of it. she started up again, and acted like it was no big deal. i felt really hurt especially when she said she was going to quit bc she cared for me. i dunno what to do , whether to pack it up and call a quits or to try to work it out. ( im being vague about the activity bc i rather not say what the activity is. but all that you need to know is that its an illegal activity.)



whats even sadder is that , this is proably the best relationship that ive had. i seem to attract compulsive liars and cheaters. people who sware they care and awlays have an excuse. its an tireless cycle. im not that old. early 20's. so what do i do? im very careful when picking people out and try to see what separates them from the rest.


I dont ask for much in a relationship. a little time, a little affection, a little attention, but most of all honesty. i cant seem to ever find any of that.

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This would be very difficult to deal with. One thing you have to look at though is yourself.. what are you doing when you attract them kind of people that lie and cheat?? i seem to always attract the guys that cheat and lie also and it is very hard.. just keep on guard at all times until you know that that's the girl for you.. and as for you staying with her i think that if you really really want to you need to talk to her about it and tell her if it doesn't change then we can't be together anymore.. it sounds kinda mean but you have to get to the point and don't let her tell you excuses the fact is that she keeps lying to you and it needs to stop! and if she isn't willing to stop then i am sure there is someone WAY better out there for you.. you just need to keep your eyes open and find her!!


i hope i helped a little!!!

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