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Please help me read this guy.

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Quick background: I met him in line at the movie theater, where we randomly got into a political discussion. We had to part ways soon after, but agreed to meet for coffee the next day and continue the conversation.


So, yesterday we met for coffee, and things went really, really well. We ended up not talking about politics at all, but about our childhoods, families, past relationships, etc.--some really personal stuff. Then he walked me back to my apartment. He had to be somewhere right after, so he didn't come inside or anything.


However, as soon as we got to my door, he said "This was fun, we'll have to do it again sometime" and then literally RAN away before I had a chance to say anything back. It was the strangest thing.


I had a great time, and I'm definitely liking him as more than a friend, but I have no idea how he feels. In the past, whenever a guy has said "We'll do it again sometime" instead of actually arranging another meeting ("Let's go to blah blah on Friday at eight"), it has been a gentle way of saying he wasn't very interested. Also, he doesn't have my phone number and didn't ask for it.


However, this guy is also pretty shy, and has had very little relationship experience in the past. So I'm torn on how to interpret that.


A few other things happened that might have been good signs, but it's also possible that I'm reading too much into them:

-He told me the only thing he truly wanted for Christmas was a girlfriend.

-When we were walking, we were standing very close to each other, so that our shoulders would bump together every few steps.

-He paid for my coffee.

-He seemed really interested in hearing about my ex boyfriend.


If anyone has ideas on how to interpret all this, I'd be really grateful. I can't figure out if I'm just a new friend, a potential girlfriend, or nobody at all to him.

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I think he likes you, call him up.


-he's just shy.


I do the same thing, when I like a guy and hang out with him, when it comes to saying goodbye, I get nervous and embaressed and run off just like he did...


me: "Cya" (runs off)

him: "Hey..."

me: "What?"

him: "Don't you normally say talk to you later or something..."

me: *stares blankly*

him: "nevermind"

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