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Advice, Opinions and P.O.V needed

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Thanx in advance for those who respond. My ex and I broke up in June 06. We have been NC for 3 months now. Since the break up, her Dad has wanted to keep in contact via E-mail with me. We started to get close when I went to him for advice about his daughter. He E-mails now and then about general stuff, no relationship things, and I respond. I just received an E-mail 2 days ago, it's been a few months since the last one. I haven't responded to this one yet. I'm OK with this, but I am wondering if this is going to help or hurt my NC/healing situation? So far I feel that I'm getting over her. Is this contact healthy? Is there an alterior motive possibly? Anyone else have a similar situation?

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i think you should do whatever you feel is rite.. if you dont feel conforable talking to him then i think you should tell him that.. i dont think theres anything wrong talking to him if it has nothing to do with his daughter..

quite honest i wish i still talked to my Ex's mother.

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I can see where it may be uncomfortable but he obviously felt a connection to you.


Maybe you could just ask him...."do you think EX-GF is OK with us keeping in touch?"


He may be thinking about it's appropriateness as well. I don't see the harm in mentioning it. He may have something very solid to offer in response....

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